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Ghana Chamber of Commerce working visit

SBP Solutions Ltd, a member of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce, was present at the recent working visit with other companies at the Ghana Free Zones Board (GFZB) enclave in Tema on the 29th of August, 2018. The visit was to educate members of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and the general public about the GFZB, their requirements for investors, and expectations. The GFZB was primarily set up to promote export and ultimately stabilize the Cedi-Dollar rate. The President of the board, Nana Dankawoso (I) reiterated the need for companies to join the board which has many benefits meeting their needs such as tax exemptions, using the waste/by-products products of other companies within the enclave etc. We later toured the enclave and ended our visit at the Agility Distribution Park Ghana where warehouses are built to world class standards and specifications to attract companies in their storage needs. Feel free to share your thoughts on the pictures via WhatsApp by following the link below

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Ghana Chamber of Commerce working visit

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